Thorsten Fleisch


Hautnah / Skinflick [2002]

16mm, 7:30 minutes Three different levels of skin working with film / film working with skin: - fingerprints on clear leader - carefully arranged successive skin prints - snapshots of…
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Videohaut / Videoskin [2001]

DV, 5 minutes An experiment conducted in order to examine the effects of feeling inducing rays transmitted by a VCR driven TV screen. They are made visible through scrutiny of…
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Animating the 4th Dimension

The following article was published in volume 13 of Animation Journal edited by Maureen Furniss. Animating the 4th Dimension Since the later part of the 19th century people have been…
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Superbitmapping [2000]

16mm, 2:30 minutes A projected text is going through two transformations in terms of presenting information. At first one is able to understand its meaning. In the second stage however…
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K.I.L.L. [1998]

K.I.L.L. - Kinetic Image Laboratory / Lobotomy [1998] VHS, 3:30 minutes An accumulation of 180 different perspectives of a bank's skyscraper. Each perspective takes just one frame.At first there is…
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Expanded Cinema Pieces

Instructions For Films - Peristaltic Fantasy [2007] Idea for a film on a white card Over forty international artists who use the moving image in their work, were sent a…
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