Thorsten Fleisch


Italy wrap-up

Marco Mancuso from Digicult put a wrap-up of the little italy tour he organized on his website. There's also a link to some photos of the screening at the O'Artoteca…
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Textile Trinity at t27

Today will be a screening at the kunstraum t27 in Berlin [Germany]. The programm called Textile Trinity is curated by Deborah Phillips and includes two of my films amongst others.
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Aye Aye Int. Film Festival & Best Video at the Int. Videofest Bochum

Energie! will be screened at the Aye Aye Int. Film Festival in Nancy [France] in september, also it received the award for best video at the International Videofest Bochum.
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Open Ear, Artsfest and CICDAF

'Energie!' will be screened at Open Ear in Cardiff [UK] in june, at Artsfest in Harrisburg [USA] in may and at the China Int. Animation and Digital Arts Festival in…
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Open Cinema & Trickfilm-Wochenende Wiesbaden

Energie! will be screened at Open Cinema in Saint Peterburg [Russia] in august and at Internationales Trickfilm Wochenende in Wiesbaden [Germany] in october.
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