Mustererkenntnis / Pattern Cognition [2019]

HD, 60 FPS, 7:20 minutes

Special Jury Mention at Animatou, Switzerland

“When you stare at a screen for long, the screen stares back at you.”

It’s late. You’ve been working on those numbers the whole day. The screen in front of you seems to be vibrating. You close your eyes. The after-image on your retina keeps pulsating in iridescent colors. You call it a day and go home. You lie on your bed, eyes closed, thinking about your work. There is still so much to do. A throbbing of vibrantly colored specks distract you from mentally going through the tasks that need to be done tomorrow. You open your eyes and while staring at your ceiling your vision has been infected by the surge of abstract colors washing over you. You close your eyes again and the torrent of flickering colors of all hues reaches an intensity unknown to you. You don’t think about anything any more. You lie there on your bed, ready to never move again.