Flesh City [2019]

4K video, 85 minutes, starring Christian Serritiello, Eva Ferox, Marilena Netzker, Maria Hengge, Shaun Lawton, Helena Prince, Denis Lyons and many more
A Fleischfilm and Tropical Grey Pictures production

Flesh City is distributed by Summer Hill Entertainment

Festival Awards:

Best Film Silver Medal at Bogota Film Festival Bogocine, Colombia
Best Director at Montevideo Fantastico, Uruguay
Best Terror Feature Film at Festival de Sci-Fi Terror y Fantasia, Colombia
Best Art / Experimental Feature at Mr. HoleHead’s Weird Dimension, USA
Best Experimental Feature
at Horror Hotel, USA
Best Experimental Feature at Maracay International Film & Video Festival, Venezuela
Best Experimental Feature at Montecine – Montevideo World Film Festival, Uruguay
Best Experimental Feature at San Antonio Independent Film Festival, Ecuador
Best Experimental Feature at Bloody Mirror Horror Film Festival, USA
Best German Experimental Film at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Film Festival, India
Best Music Award at Fixion Fest, Chile
Best Music Award at FKM Festival de Cinema Fantástico da Coruña, Spain
Best Original Score at Festival de Sci-Fi Terror y Fantasia, Colombia
Best Sound Design at Festival de Sci-Fi Terror y Fantasia, Colombia
Coolest Scene at Bloodstained Indie Film Festival, Japan
Special Jury Mention at BUT Film Festival, Netherlands

UK Film Review
Film International
Mellowdramatix (German)

FLESH CITY is a hostile place but it has great clubs… where not only beats are pulsating. In one of these dance temples, located at an abandoned industrial site, Vyren hooks up with Loquette. They explore the underbelly of the venue and fall into the trap of Prof. Yagov, the resident mad scientist who preys on lost and drugged out fashion victims. As he introduces them to mutation and mayhem the whole city gets infected. Soon everybody in FLESH CITY will be connected… via flesh link.

“A wild, distorted fever dream of a brutalist city exploding into flesh. Rapid, machine gun fire editing and an infernal soundtrack create an unforgetable trip overriding the senses of even the most desensitized image consumers.”