Dromosphere IV

With my new SLR camera (a Canon 400D) I was finally able to get rid of the unnecessary mechanical cable release problem. The shutter of the camera was now released electronically by the switch on the dolly. So here are a few of the latest sketches that pretty much show the direction the film has taken. The objects in ‘spacetime distortion’¬†are sports cars. I think they’re the best medium to transport the subject of velocity. Their excessive speed serves no other purpose than to be a means to an end. Like a decorative speed furniture. By the way, for the sound I’m thinking about experimenting with reverb rooms. It seems for me the perfect analog to the long time exposure approach. Having short and quick soundburst that evolve with the reverb of synthetic rooms. But who knows, I might end up with something completely different for the sound. Anyway, here are the sketches: