Dromosphere is here

My new film Dromosphäre is finally finished. This film has been with me for a good many years. Originally the idea was to work with a filmic representation / exploration of Einsteinian space-time but it soon took off in another direction and is now about speed. To use two corny quotes that didn’t make it into the film: ‘Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure’ & ”There is more to life than simply increasing its speed’. One is from Mahatma Gandhi and the other from Aldous Huxley, I guess it’s not to hard to figure out which belongs to whom. Anyway, it’s good to finally get the film out in the world and out of my head. No vimeo link yet but I will post it sometime early 2010. For now here’s a still that also didn’t actually make it into the film.