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New Category: Sketches/WIP

I added a new category to show some sketches of films I made and also sketches and experiments of work in progress that might or might not lead to a new film. Also I like to give more detailed technical explanations of the stuff I’m doing. As my work is often, at least to a certain amount, process driven it seems only logical to make the process more transparent. The first film featured is Gestalt. I posted 12 small clips from very early sketches to ones that more resemble the finished film.

3. Prize, a Nomination, Open Eyes & Best of Stuttgart in Shanghai

Energie! won the 3. prize at Movies & Stills in Frankfurt [Germany] and is nominated for the Best Experimental Short at the San Joaquin Film Festival. Also it will be screened at Open Eyes in Marburg [Germany] in july, in the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Arts in Sevilla [Spain] in august and at Best of Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart in Shanghai [China] in september.