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I have a new website/design. Welcome to Fleischfilm V4.0. The old sites are still up (except V1 which didn’t look so good really) but of course won’t be updated: Fleischfilm V3 & Fleischfilm V2

As you can see I arrived at web 2.0 and now have a blog of sorts integrated (thanks to wordpress). Also, you can now comment on my posts, films, music, whatever. If I don’t like your comment though I’ll delete it. All my films are now embedded.


While working on ‘Energie!’ I developed my own method for making electrophotographies (or kirlian photographies as they are also called). I used a 30.000 volt transformer to expose photo paper with high voltage electricity discharges. Here are a few electrophotographies that I made. Some of them I used in the film. They were exhibited at the following galleries:

2006 Maschinenblut – V8 in Karlsruhe [Germany]
2007 Energie! – Kunstverein Friedrichstadt in Berlin [Germany]
2007 Kunst in Serie (group exhibition) – t27 in Berlin [Germany]
2008 Energie! – O’Artoteca in Milan [Italy]
2008 Erosion (group exhibition) – Klaipeda Exhibition Hall in Klaipeda [Lithuania]
2010 Collectif d’en Face (group exhibition) in Rouen [France]
2012 High Voltage – onder hoogspanning (group exhibition) in Heusden-Zolder [Belgium]

Energie! Series 17,5 cm x 24,25 cm

Maschinenblut Series 12,75 cm x 17,5 cm

Maschinenblut Series 17,5 cm x 24,25 cm

Maschinenblut Series 17,5 cm x 24,25 cm

Maschinenblut Series 50 cm x 60 cm

Maschinenblut Series 40 cm x 50 cm

Energie! Series 12,75 cm x 17,5 cm

Maschinenblut Series 12,75 cm x 17,5 cm

Maschinenblut Series 17,5 cm x 24,25 cm

Maschinenblut Series 17,5 cm x 24,25 cm

Maschinenblut Series 17,5 cm x 24,25 cm

Energie! Series 17,5 cm x 24,25 cm

Die Maschine liebt dich auf ihre Art [2000]

Die Maschine liebt dich auf ihre Art [2000]
The machine loves you her way [2000]

Pleasing and comforting electronic compositions. ‘Quién Sabe’ makes you want to sing along. ‘Disguise In Love With You’ seduces with a modulated smile. ‘Krachendes Holz’ almost succeeds in its secret wish to become solid matter. ‘Tesla Coil’ makes its point in a quiet and thoroughly subtle way. ‘Tokyo2’ slowly drills into your head to finally discharge its electric charm full force right into your brain.

Download the songs:

Quién Sabe 1:46 minutes, 2 mb
Disguise In Love With You 3:08, 3 mb
Krachendes Holz 7:17, 6 mb
Tesla Coil 9:01, 12 mb
Tokyo2 9:24, 11 mb

Download them all in zip-archive

DJ-Nazi – mixed media [2000]

mixed media [2000]

Handcrafted cd-rom featuring a rich heterogenic variety of aural and visual pleasures. words can’t describe.

Download the songs:

M – Eine Stadt sucht eine lang verloren geglaubte Melodie 12:54 min, 11 mb
Der Zorn Kinskis 5:05 min, 4 mb
Orgonphaser 5:23 min, 5 mb
Gehirnakkumulator 8:59 min, 8 mb
The Pulp, The Doom and The Morricone Massacre 8:08 min, 7 mb
Clusterfuck (Thiele Remix) 2:07 min, 2 mb
0,07% Rendite 1:33 min, 1 mb
Dansez le Clouseau 2:18 min, 2 mb
Clusterfast 1:38 min, 1 mb
La Colera de Kinski 3:48 min, 3 mb
CD – Rampage 11:52 min, 11 mb
End Title 0:20 min, 0.3 mb

Download them all in zip-archive

CTT – I have to kill you [1995]

Cybernetic Trash Technology
I have to kill you [1995]

Chaos, mayhem, death, destruction, annihilation, torture,
moments of peace and harmony,
manslaughter, dysfunctional mindmaps, terror, hatred, madness

“I was young and needed the money”

Download the songs:

Mind Manipulations (0.6 mb) 0:42 min
Body Massacre (2 mb) 2:48 min
Satanica (3 mb) 3:39 min
Clusterfuck (3 mb) 3:53 min
Clusterfuck² (4 mb) 4:35 min
Apocalypse eve (1 mb) 1:18 min
Tarantula / 100% Rigor Mortis (2 mb) 2:45 min
Miss Jones – Streben nach Sterben (3 mb) 4:00 min
Infernal Purgatory Desaster (6 mb) 6:30 min
Instant Torture (7 mb) 8:20 min
Sphereor (3 mb) 3:28 min
Shut Up (4 mb) 4:08 min
Brain (5 mb) 5:15 min
Fritz (1 mb) 1:01 min
Carnage (1 mb) 1:37 min
Ataxie (3 mb) 2:86 min
Akathisie (6 mb) 6:40 min
Akataphasie (8 mb) 8:66 min

Download them all in zip-archive

Energie! [2007]

HD, 5:03 minutes

From a mere technical point of view the TV/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. For ‘Energie!’ an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of 30.000 volts exposes multiple sheets of photographic paper which are then arranged in time to create new visual systems of electron organization.

Music by Jens Thiele.

-Best Experimental Film at Fargo Film Festival
-Best Experimental Film at
-1. Prize at In Out Festival 2009
-1. Prize at FLEXfest 2009
-Special Jury Mention at Film Anca 2009
-Emerging Experimental Video Artist Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival
-Jury’s Choice First Prize at Black Maria Film & Video Festival
-Special Award at Optica 2007
-Best Visual Award at Fantoche 2007
-Special Mention at the International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2008
-Best Visual Work at Vallecas Puerta del Cine
-Best Video at International Videofest Bochum
-3rd Price at Movies and Stills
-3rd Prize at Formula Mundi
-Best of Abstract Panorama at the Melbourne Int. Animation Festival
-Honorary Mention at the Milano Film Festival 2007
-Honorary Mention at Abstracta in Rome
-Honorary Mention at 25 FPS in Zagreb
-Honorary Mention at Flensburger Kurzfilmtage Tricky
-Honorary Mention at Visual Music Award Frankfurt
-nominated for Best Experimental Short at San Joaquin Film Festival

Energie! is included in the Aurora Edition 1 DVD compilation, 10 ans de Labo DVD, the Ann Arbor Film Festival DVD Time Pieces, the Black Maria Festival DVD, Expérience(s) 04 – Festival Némo 2008 and also available on the Simultan 03 DVD. It is also included as an extra on the special edition DVD and Blu-Ray of Enter The Void by Gaspar Noé released by Wild Side in France and on the German edition released by Capelight where I also did a commentary track.


Kosmos [2004]

16mm, 5:11 minutes

The mystery of the crystals under closer examination. What is it that makes them possess magic powers as claimed by mystics of all ages? Through growing crystals directly on film their mystical qualities shine straight to the screen. Unfiltered, only aided by light which gracefully breaks its rays into rich visual textures.

Vicki Honeyman Award for Best 16mm Film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival
-Best Experimental Film at the Chicago Underground Film Festival
-Silver Award at Impakt in Utrecht
-Director’s Choice Award at the Black Maria Film & Video Festival
-Second Prize at the International Week of Short Films of San Roque
-Jury Award at the $100 Film Festival


Friendly Fire [2003]

16mm, 7:40 minutes

Burned filmstrips meet light and invade the screen with structures of residue, ashes, flames and destruction. New landscapes appear in a state of disintegration through fire. The former carrier of conserved imagery is now in full bloom of organic splendor. The lifeless filmstrips have been resurrected.

An interpretation / remix of my expanded cinema piece ‘Feuer Frei – Open Fire’.

Friendly Fire was financed in part by Jens Thiele.

Gestalt [2003 / 2008]

DV, 5:20 minutes

Four-dimensional quaternions (fractals) are visualized by projecting them into three-dimensional space. Instead of modeling objects of human imagination the realm of mathematics is explored. Only the variables of one formula (x[n+1]=x[n]^p-c) were changed. It took me about a year to get an idea of the transformations and shapes which could be expressed by this formula. Almost another year was needed to render the sequences which I decided to use.

I added some sketches to the Sketches category here, here and here

More on the 4th dimension here

-Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2003
-Best Video/Computer Art at the Asolo Film Festival
-Best Experimental Film at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival
-Low Budget Video Award at the Microcinefest
-nominated for the Imagina Award at the Imagina

Gestalt is available on the following DVD compilations:
-CyberArts 2003 – International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica
-Imagina Trips – Volume 2

Gestalt_HD_2008 [2008]
HD, 5:20 minutes

A re-rendering of Gestalt in HD and 16:9. Since this film is basically a visualization of a mathematical body it is theoretically possible to render it in as high a resolution as technically feasible. One would always get more detail. The visual structures and transformations that one can see in the film are only inferior representations of much more complex visual ideas that exist in four-dimensional space and are not bound to a certain resolution or 3D representation. In theory it would be possible and more true to the original formula to show the visual transformations as a 3D hologram where one could then perceive different perspectives that are of course not available in the conventional film format.

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