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One Final Step...

Before you can use Broadcast Machine, we need to create a few directories. There are several ways to do this listed below.

Once you've completed these steps, reload this page to continue.

If you want Broadcast Machine to do it for you:

Specify your FTP username and password here, and Broadcast Machine will FTP into your server, create the directories and set the permissions for you. You need to know the 'root' address for your Broadcast Machine FTP address, which could be something like "public_html/bm/" or "httpdocs/bm". This information was probably provided to you by your hosting provider.

This might take a few minutes, please be patient.

FTP username:
FTP password:
Website Folder:

With a typical FTP program: Create folders in your Broadcast Machine directory named "torrents", "data", "publish", "thumbnails" and "text". Then select each folder, view its permissions, and make sure all the checkboxes (readable, writable, executable) are checked (should say 777 when correct). Reload this page to continue.

If you use command line FTP, or if you have shell access to your server

Log in and type the following:


mkdir data
mkdir torrents
mkdir publish
mkdir text
mkdir thumbnails
chmod 777 data
chmod 777 torrents
chmod 777 publish
chmod 777 text
chmod 777 thumbnails

Once you've completed these steps, reload this page to continue.

Note: giving the directories "777" permissions will allow anyone on the server to full access those directories. If you share a server with others, they may be able to tamper with you Broadcast Machine data files if you use these settings. There may be other settings more appropriate for your server. Please, contact your system administrator if you have any questions about permissions.