Flesh City [2018]

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4K video, 85 minutes, starring Christian Serritiello, Eva Ferox, Marilena Netzker, Maria Hengge, Shaun Lawton, Helena Prince, Denis Lyons and many more
A Fleischfilm and Tropical Grey Pictures production

Two lonely souls meet at ‘Hype Complex’. Located at an abondened industrial site, in this dark dance temple beats aren’t the only thing pulsating. While exploring the underbelly of the club they get trapped by rogue scientist Prof. Yagov who operates a secret lab in the same building. Mutation and mayhem spread from here to the whole city. The transformation has begun. Nothing will ever be the same again.

A wild, distorted fever dream of a brutalist city exploding into flesh. Rapid, machine gun fire editing and an infernal soundtrack create an unforgetable trip overriding the senses of even the most desensitized image consumers.

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