Teslapunk Soundtrack

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The soundtrack I composed for the forthcoming Teslapunk Wii-U release is already available on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby. The game will be released early next year and feature 6 arcade levels, numerous missions and the survival mode. The soundtrack features all 10 songs of the game.

Teslapunk Soundtrack on CDbaby
Teslapunk Soundtrack on iTunes
Teslapunk Soundtrack on Amazon


Soundtrack for Teslapunk

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Currently working on the soundtrack for Teslapunk. If you like you can listen to Level 3 on Soundcloud. Go here.

Malende Live [2009]

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My band Malende in front of a crazy mice audience. They were even stage diving. The song is a cover version of Slayer’s Evil Has No Boundaries. Check out the original song you won’t regret it (this live clip from ’85 is pretty cool, too).

Die Maschine liebt dich auf ihre Art [2000]

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Die Maschine liebt dich auf ihre Art [2000]
The machine loves you her way [2000]

Pleasing and comforting electronic compositions. ‘Quién Sabe’ makes you want to sing along. ‘Disguise In Love With You’ seduces with a modulated smile. ‘Krachendes Holz’ almost succeeds in its secret wish to become solid matter. ‘Tesla Coil’ makes its point in a quiet and thoroughly subtle way. ‘Tokyo2’ slowly drills into your head to finally discharge its electric charm full force right into your brain.

Download the songs:

Quién Sabe 1:46 minutes, 2 mb
Disguise In Love With You 3:08, 3 mb
Krachendes Holz 7:17, 6 mb
Tesla Coil 9:01, 12 mb
Tokyo2 9:24, 11 mb

Download them all in zip-archive

Listen to them here:

DJ-Nazi – mixed media [2000]

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mixed media [2000]

Handcrafted cd-rom featuring a rich heterogenic variety of aural and visual pleasures. words can’t describe.

Download the songs:

M – Eine Stadt sucht eine lang verloren geglaubte Melodie 12:54 min, 11 mb
Der Zorn Kinskis 5:05 min, 4 mb
Orgonphaser 5:23 min, 5 mb
Gehirnakkumulator 8:59 min, 8 mb
The Pulp, The Doom and The Morricone Massacre 8:08 min, 7 mb
Clusterfuck (Thiele Remix) 2:07 min, 2 mb
0,07% Rendite 1:33 min, 1 mb
Dansez le Clouseau 2:18 min, 2 mb
Clusterfast 1:38 min, 1 mb
La Colera de Kinski 3:48 min, 3 mb
CD – Rampage 11:52 min, 11 mb
End Title 0:20 min, 0.3 mb

Download them all in zip-archive

Listen to the first five songs:

CTT – I have to kill you [1995]

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Cybernetic Trash Technology
I have to kill you [1995]

Chaos, mayhem, death, destruction, annihilation, torture,
moments of peace and harmony,
manslaughter, dysfunctional mindmaps, terror, hatred, madness

“I was young and needed the money”

Download the songs:

Mind Manipulations (0.6 mb) 0:42 min
Body Massacre (2 mb) 2:48 min
Satanica (3 mb) 3:39 min
Clusterfuck (3 mb) 3:53 min
Clusterfuck² (4 mb) 4:35 min
Apocalypse eve (1 mb) 1:18 min
Tarantula / 100% Rigor Mortis (2 mb) 2:45 min
Miss Jones – Streben nach Sterben (3 mb) 4:00 min
Infernal Purgatory Desaster (6 mb) 6:30 min
Instant Torture (7 mb) 8:20 min
Sphereor (3 mb) 3:28 min
Shut Up (4 mb) 4:08 min
Brain (5 mb) 5:15 min
Fritz (1 mb) 1:01 min
Carnage (1 mb) 1:37 min
Ataxie (3 mb) 2:86 min
Akathisie (6 mb) 6:40 min
Akataphasie (8 mb) 8:66 min

Download them all in zip-archive

Listen to the first five songs: