Stigmart Interview

23. February 2015 Categorie Blog/News | Comments Off

Here’s a recent interview I did with Stigmart.

Honorable Mention at ZOOM

23. February 2015 Categorie Blog/News | Comments Off

Picture Particles received an Honorable Mention at ZOOM [Poland].

Picture Particles now available online

4. January 2015 Categorie Blog/News | Comments Off

I’ve added Picture Particles on Vimeo.

Living Film

25. March 2014 Categorie Blog/News | Comments Off

Filmmaker and curator Karel Doing put up a nice webpage about the Living Film screening last year. Check it out here.

Picture Particle Fusion

9. December 2013 Categorie Blog/News | Comments Off

Currently working on a new film called ‘Picture Particle Fusion’. A journey into the atoms of film fabric, islolating particles to remodel a new world of nerve twitching ocular massages.

Teslapunk Nintendo

9. December 2013 Categorie Blog/News | Comments Off

Next year we will be releasing Teslapunk for the Nintendo Wii U Console. 6 levels of frantic bullet hell arcade action will crush your spirits. I’m really excited about this.

Samsung Smartfilm Award

18. November 2013 Categorie Blog/News | Comments Off

I’m the mentor for ‘experimental’ for the 2014 Samsung Smartfilm Awards. Very curious what people will send in.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

15. November 2013 Categorie Blog/News, Texts | Comments Off

Blood, sweat and tears: Bodily inscriptions in contemporary experimental film by Kim Knowles. A great article that amongst other films also mentions some of my older films.

Forces @ Catalyst Arts Belfast

8. November 2013 Categorie Blog/News, Screenings | Comments Off

Energie! is part of the excellent exhibition at Catalyst Arts in Belfast [Northern Ireland] called ‘Forces’ which was curated by the wonderful Rob Hilken. Go see it immediately, it’s amazing. Other Artists included are: Richard Box, Christian Cherene, Pól Murphy and Aisling O’Beirn

Teslapunk on OUYA

16. October 2013 Categorie Blog/News, Games | Comments Off

Teslapunk is now out on OUYA. Check it out.